Zaimoğlu Holding

Zaimoğlu Holding is a well-established company with large companies like Oerlikon, Mart Makine, Hidrel and Magma Mekatronik. Our work with the Holding started in 2006.

Internet Application

Our first project aimed to move some of the existing ERP system to the internet environment. A project team was formed with the employees of the Holding and us together and the project was commissioned in a short time like 4 months with a concerted work. At the end of the project, Oerlikon and Hidrel companies were provided with current accounts, sales, purchasing and stock management management from outside of Manisa.

Mobile Project

Our second project was to supply barcoded hand terminals in inventory management and to develop necessary software in holding companies. Again in a short period of two weeks hand terminals were procured, software was prepared and the system was made operational.

The project was developed on the web. This enables the system to operate without the need for program installation and data transfer, whichever brand model hand terminal is used.

As in our other projects, the business processes of our customers are exactly the same in this project. The habits of the users did not change, the system became functional.

B2B Project (Reseller Order Management)

In this project, the dealers of the companies were also able to access the system via the internet, see their stock status, order new orders and see the status of their orders.