enibra İnsan

Human Resources and PayRoll Management System

enibra İnsan is a system which Companies can manage thier whole human resources processes appropriate to special personnel regulations ve business rules.

With traditional procedures, you have to use different program for controlling absenteeism of your personel, deposit money on their bank accounts, transfering to accounting system or keep tracking in-house trainings. enibra İnsan is bringing a holistic approach by presenting the whole together.

By dint of its parametric structure, you can design your processes with appropriate company's regulations. Also you can do these practices easly as a Human Resources without occupying your IT department.

enibra İnsan is a real-time web application. It does not need to any installation. You can register any number of user as you wish. There is no extra payment for each user

e-Transformation Project

We are producing solutions for companies special software needs with using our 20 years of experience on business processes and software.

Every company is managing thier business processes with softwares provided either internally or extarnally. These softwares might be consistent and appropriate with the company's processes. But we are stepping in when they have to become compatible with modern technology. We are easily transposing all the processes to internet under the guidance of our team. So you are using latest software technologies without changing your routine business procedures. Click to learn more.