For 20 years, enibra is keep working on projects about Human Resources processes with its experienced and broad team.

In this time, enibra analysed problems and developed a software about Human Resources named enibra İnsan.

enibra keeps sharing its informations and experiences with their clients; aims to transform them to more systematic organizations, and reconfigure and reduce their costs with its consultancy.

To reach this aim enibra determines proper hardware and software needs and plans their change processes and training sessions.


enibra has a vision to get primary company about Human Resources Solution in 10 years.


With our guidance service, we are not only a supplier but a reliable business partner.


Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. Actions for this purpose must comply with human rights, national interests and ethics. Customers should not be worried about the products and services they receive. Any faults or faults that may occur in the product or guidance service should be rectified immediately. Enibra continuously measures the performance of its employees and carries out the necessary improvement work.


Guidance can not be limited between certain times of certain days. The service should continue 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. enibra Software products should always be up to date. Due to changes in the law and similar reasons, customers should not be victims and should have all the innovations on time free of charge. It should be assumed that customers are no longer a problem when they are working with an enibra in any way.


enibra Software products should include all processes that do not require other products for the subjects they contain. Customers should not be forced to work in an environment other than Enibra Software products for special reporting purposes, all needs should be solved in one system.


enibra hinders the formation of individual information islands in its customers. The business processes in the enibra software products are fully integrated into the system and the actions of all users are monitored. With the separation of the personnel from the non-systemic firms, the company suffers from memory loss, and the person who fulfills this user creates his or her own world.