What is enibra İnsan?

enibra İnsan is a system in which companies can manage all human resources processes in accordance with special personnel regulations and labor law.

What topics are included in the content?


  • Basic Modules (Organization, Personnel and ePersonnel Application)
  • Recruiting
  • Time Management (Attendance Control, Leave Management)
  • Research and Development
  • Compensation Package
    • Payroll (Advance, Salary, Seniority, Notice, Allowance)
    • Budget Preparation
  • Administrative Affairs Package
    • Security Module
    • Service Management
    • Cafeteria Management
    • Debit Management
  • HES Module
  • Staff Development Package
    • Education Management
    • Performance evaluation
    • Timed Evaluation (Trial Period Assessment)
  • Audit Module
  • Infirmary

It comes out of these main modules. All modules work in conjunction with each other.

What are the most prominent features in general?


More than one company can manage Human Resources. When enibra is placed in a Holding center, it can make all companies' Human Resources management from one hand and prepare reports in the console.

Powerful and functional security:

User authority can be limited both on transaction basis and on region basis. Users can only manage information for the zone they are authorized to access. These areas can be company, workplace or staff groups.

Unlimited number of user

There is no limit on the number of users. The customer can make as many user definitions as he wants without paying an additional fee.

Parametric feature

The system has a parametric structure. Authorized users can customize these parameters according to their companies with enibra guidance. For example, in a possible change of the stamp tax rate of 0.06, users can define and use it with the new value history without needing an enibra team.

Flexibility feature

enibra İnsan is a flexible structure. Flexibility refers to the identifiability of parameters. For example: Authorized users can create numerous incomes and deductions for their companies using statements they wish. These items created by the users are included in the reports of the program during the design phase.

Open Source System feature:

enibra İnsan is an open system. The customer is easily integrated with other data systems used by the company. No additional charge is paid for the guidance of enibra employees in integration studies. For example: Firm's accounting system is ready for integration with the system. Similarly, there is no need for a separate program to transfer money to the bank accounts of the staff.

Foreign Currency availability

It is possible to work with foreign currencies. It is possible to define any income or deduction item to be applied to persons with foreign currency units. The system automatically makes the conversions on the date of accrual.

History feature

enibra İnsan keeps and manages many date ranges. This feature allows users to easily track and report past information. For example, they can track what fees they are charged for each wage-earning period since they entered the office, with a few clicks without consulting the IT departments.

Traceability feature

The system saves all transactions that cause users to change and makes them visible to users. Monitoring clarifications are highly detailed. For example, when user (date, hour, minute) changed the salary of which personnel can be taken to answer the question. These tracking records can not be deleted even by authorized users.

Process based structure:

Users are not allowed to make changes to the records, especially in historically held information. Instead, new information is added or terminated. Users use these procedures to transmit the necessary instructions to the system. The system checks the transaction parameters and claims compliance, and if there is no obstacle, it performs the transaction and reports the results to the user. If there is an obstacle, it also informs the user what the obstacle is and directs the user. This prevents users from accidentally erroneous data processing.

Zero data recovery

All modules of the system are integrated. If the content of one module is not entered again in another module, possible inconsistencies are avoided. In this way human labor and time can be used more efficiently.

Human-based structure

The system takes people, not personnel. A human being may be an employee, a family member, someone who has been applied, educator of the institution being trained, etc. Can be. In this way, only one person is registered for the wife's husband's child who works for your company. If a company employee who works in a similar way and goes to the military is taken back to the company, his / her personal information will not be processed again, the previous record will be activated. Some firms expand business volumes with tenders. For example, companies that serve as subcontractors to municipalities can hire hundreds of staff for three to five months and get them out of the business at the end of the contract. In this case, it is extremely practical that the staff are removed from the job and recruited for another job.