About Us

With its large experienced staff who have been working on projects related to Human Resources processes for 20 years, enibra; analyzed the problems encountered during this time and developed the Human Resources Program called enibra Human.

enibra aims to share its knowledge and experience with its customers, to transform them into more systematic organizations, to restructure their processes and to reduce their costs with the guidance service it provides.

To achieve this goal, it determines the appropriate hardware and software units for its customers, plans the change processes and organizes training sessions.

Our Vision

Enibra's vision is to be the first company that comes to mind when it comes to Human Resources Solution in Turkey in 10 years.

Our Mission

To be a reliable business partner, not just a supplier of our customers, with the guidance we provide.

Our Principles

Customer Satisfaction

Providing customer satisfaction is the primary goal. Actions taken for this purpose must comply with human rights, country interests and moral rules. The customer should not be worried about the products and services he receives. Malfunctions or disruptions that may occur in the product or guidance service must be corrected immediately. enibra constantly measures the performance of its own employees and carries out the necessary improvement studies.


Guidance service cannot be squeezed between certain hours of certain days. The service must continue 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. enibra Software products should always be up to date. Customers should not be victims of changes due to law changes and similar reasons, and they should have all the innovations free of charge on time. Customers should be made to think that when they work with enibra on any issue, that issue is no longer a problem.


enibra Software products should not need other products for the subjects they contain, but should include all processes. Customers should not be forced to work in an environment other than enibra Software products for reporting specific to their companies, all needs should be met within a single system.


enibra prevents the formation of individual islands of information in its customers. In enibra software products, business processes are completely included in the system and the actions of all users are monitored. In non-systematic companies, when the personnel leaves the job, the company suffers from memory loss and the person who replaces this user creates his own world.