Enibra Human Resources Software Services

With our philosophy of "One Enibra is enough", we gather all your Human Resources Processes needs under a single system.

Human Resources Software Solution

We developed the enibra system with the aim of collecting and managing the operations carried out by the human resources departments under a single system. We save our customers from using different programs for different subjects that cannot exchange data with each other. We provide all functions for digitalization in human resources.

We have a team that only works and specializes in human resources. To ensure that the work we do is the best next to what has been done so far, It takes determination and focus. We work with this awareness. 

 Unfortunately, human resources solutions in ERP systems are developed by the teams that develop those systems with the idea of "As long as it is". More emphasis is placed on other modules such as production and finance. At this point, the human resources teams of enibra customers feel special and valuable. It is described as “as if we are its only customer”.

Our Special Software Development Service for Your Company

Although our system has been designed with the philosophy of "Use Install" so that there is no need for additional development, our customers' original software development they may need it. 

 At this point, we project and implement the need at reasonable prices and time (thanks to our experienced business analysts, software experts and guides).

The most important factor that reduces the cost is that we can complete the project periods in a shorter time compared to our competitors and save both our customers and enibra resources.

Custom solutions are challenging for all software. Because changes to the main software can negatively affect custom solutions. Thanks to the software techniques we have developed, our customer-specific developments do not lose in new version transitions and do not cause disruptions in the operation of the system.

Integration with Other Software Systems

Apart from human resources, there are many systems that need human information. For example, a production software, an infirmary software, etc. examples can be multiplied. It is a tiring task to process the same personnel to both the enibra system and other systems in a timely manner. At this point, enibra provides the information needed by other systems to these software with its services. Thus, the related software can work by continuously reading the live data from the enibra system without repeating the personnel data.

Integration with Government Software Systems and Banks

Enibra system connects to the Ministry of Health system every night, reads the report information of the people who have received reports from the company's personnel and transfers them to their own tables. Thus, human resources users do not wait for the report documents and do not try to enter them into the system.

It is enough to press a few keys in enibra to enter the information of the personnel who are recruited, whose employment contract is terminated or transferred to the SGK System. The system is connected to the SGK System and automatically performs the necessary registration procedures.

For deposits to be made to all banks operating in our country, the text or excel documents required by that bank are created from the system by pressing a few keys. and sent to the bank's postal address within the system (untouched).

Our Payroll Service

Although all monetary accrual transactions between the personnel and the company can be made with the remuneration module of the enibra System, some companies do not require payroll due to their policies. They want to outsource their service. We meet this need of our customers with our business partner BRD Payroll and Consulting . We fix it using the system. 

 With our time management module, our customers create monthly payroll data without any problems and effort, and BRD company connects to the customer system and performs its month-end work. In this way, it is possible to include payroll studies in the company with a policy change in the future. If necessary, work can be continued without the need for any data transfer.